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GOLF * * *  RS produces books, diagrams and videos that perform better because of a comprehensive background in the game: its play, the products and courses. Research, imaginative interpretations, writing, scenic and course photography, hole schematic illustration, graphic design and complete responsibility including printing, binding and delivery.

• Book spread of “Holes-In-One”. 

• Action play lines as viewed from the tee, showing the preferred shot locations. Narration adds interest.


• Combine hole schematic with yardage markers and the video-play for a more interesting demonstration.

• Play lines as viewed from the green looking back towards the tee.

• Flag designs for golf hole pages. • Aerial view schematic illustration of several golf holes.

• Aerial view schematic illustration of golf hole with play lines and distances measured from the back tee.

• Relative elevation for a golf hole schematic illustration as shown from the side.

• Schematic illustration of

  golf practice range.

• Play lines on a golf hole -- using different formats of  hole 

  graphics. Photo-enhanced; outline; side elevation schematic

  and, conventional.


• Relative elevations on a dimensional schematic illustration.